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Shit Berkeley Students Say, part 1
Written by Haley Kovacs   

Quotes from Berkeley students, in our adventures tabling on Sproul:


"How can you not believe in God? God is the whole earth, God is the sun, GOD IS THE TREES MAN."


Sierra: "Abortion is very safe."

"'Feminists' for Life": "I've talked to a lot of women though who got abortions at Planned Parenthood. When they had complications, Planned Parenthood just transported them to a local hospital. Then when they died, it wasn't reported as an abortion death."

Sierra: "So...wait. You can talk to ghosts?"


"Why don't you like Islam?"

"For one, the Koran treats women as less than men." *References verses where women's inferiority is explicitly quantified"

"You're so eurocentric! You don't understand that we have a different gender paradigm."


"Can I pray for you?"

"Depends. Are you going to pray out loud, right here?"

"oh...you don't want me to do that?"


Concern Troll: I can define the word 'god.'

Sierra: Ok. Go ahead.

Concern Troll: If you hold a magnet over a person's brain, they'll have a sense of god. That's god - how can you say that doesn't exist?

Sierra: That's not 'god.' That's a short-circuit... in their temporal lobe. You even said it was induced.

Concern Troll: But still people have the sense of god!


Jesus Dude: The Incas practiced human sacrifice.

Sierra: Isn't your religion founded on a human sacrifice?

Jesus Dude: no...uh...it's different, I need to find a word besides 'sacrifice' for Jesus.


Jesus Gal: "If I didn't believe in God, then I might murder and rape. I'd be a sociopath."

Sierra: "Then you're already a sociopath."




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