Students for A Nonreligious Ethos at Berkeley Students for A Nonreligious Ethos (SANE) is a student group for Atheists, Agnostics and anyone interested at University of California, Berkeley. Sun, 04 Sep 2011 09:22:18 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb New Semester! SANE meetings will be starting soon! We haven't heard back yet about a room location, but meetings will be Tuesdays at 7pm as usual. I'll post here as soon as I know the date and location of the first meeting.

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Shit Berkeley Students Say, part 1 Quotes from Berkeley students, in our adventures tabling on Sproul:


"How can you not believe in God? God is the whole earth, God is the sun, GOD IS THE TREES MAN."


Sierra: "Abortion is very safe."

"'Feminists' for Life": "I've talked to a lot of women though who got abortions at Planned Parenthood. When they had complications, Planned Parenthood just transported them to a local hospital. Then when they died, it wasn't reported as an abortion death."

Sierra: "So...wait. You can talk to ghosts?"


"Why don't you like Islam?"

"For one, the Koran treats women as less than men." *References verses where women's inferiority is explicitly quantified"

"You're so eurocentric! You don't understand that we have a different gender paradigm."


"Can I pray for you?"

"Depends. Are you going to pray out loud, right here?"

" don't want me to do that?"


Concern Troll: I can define the word 'god.'

Sierra: Ok. Go ahead.

Concern Troll: If you hold a magnet over a person's brain, they'll have a sense of god. That's god - how can you say that doesn't exist?

Sierra: That's not 'god.' That's a short-circuit... in their temporal lobe. You even said it was induced.

Concern Troll: But still people have the sense of god!


Jesus Dude: The Incas practiced human sacrifice.

Sierra: Isn't your religion founded on a human sacrifice?

Jesus Dude:'s different, I need to find a word besides 'sacrifice' for Jesus.


Jesus Gal: "If I didn't believe in God, then I might murder and rape. I'd be a sociopath."

Sierra: "Then you're already a sociopath."



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This is my promise that the site will become active again. Hello all, this is Haley, the new(ish) SANE President. I am thinking that I want to use this website much more frequently, and transform it into more of a blog in addition to a place where information about meetings and events are posted.

I will write many of the articles myself on topics relating to atheism, including politics, feminism, philosophy, and science. Other times I'll post articles of interest, and hopefully invite guest bloggers from the club to have their say.

I'm not promising that I'll update everyday, but I will at least update as often as I can and see how it goes.

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New Meeting Venue Sane meetings this semester will be held on Tuesdays at 7pm in 39 Evans.

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November 16th Hi All -

We'll be meeting tomorrow, 11-16-10, in 206 Dwinele, at 7pm. We'll be talking about the silliness of Zeitgeist and the importance of sticking to actual facts, even when the alternative is funnier. 

Kevin Gorman

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11-2-2010 We'll be meeting tomorrow in Dwinele, 206. We'll be discussing the idea of religious freedom in various situations and what merits the idea has in any given sector: e.g., freedom to worship freely, freedom to have your children rely on faith-healers, etc.

Most importantly, there will be delicious cupcakes.

Kevin Gorman

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Austin Dacey Lecture Tonight @7pm! Hi All -

Austin Dacey will be speaking for us this Friday, at 7pm in 101 Morgan. Austin is a writer and human rights advocate who is also the United Nations representative for the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He's also the author of "The Secular Conscience," an incredibly fascinating book dealing with the proper role of conscience in political and moral discourse, as well as being the director of the Impossible Music Sessions. He'll be speaking about his work in his role of director of the Impossible Music Sessions, with a bit of blasphemy thrown in.

Afterward, we will be heading to La Val's for pizza and beverages. It should be very exciting, hope to see you there.

-Haley Kovacs

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Meeting 10/5/10- Quiverfull and Christian Patriarchy Tomorrow's meeting will be at 7pm in 206 Dwinelle, and we will be discussing the Fundamentalist Christian movement called Quiverfull, which is a personal interest of mine. Quiverfull is not an organized sect of Christianity, but rather a group of doctrines that are Patriarchal, radically pro-life in that they forbid any kind of birth control or abortion. (even abstinence within marriage) The goal is literally to out-breed secular America by having as many children as they can. My main source for this is a blog written by Vyckie Garrison, a former Quiverfull mom who is now a divorced atheist with seven kids. Her website is

We will be going to dinner afterward at a yet to be determined restaurant.

Most importantly, there will be homemade delicious cupcakes.

-Haley Kovacs

Students Advocating a Nonreligious Ethos

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The Cordoba Initiative This week's meeting will be on Tuesday, at 7pm, in 206 Dwinelle, or thereabouts.  Hopefully this will be our last meeting without a definite room; if we have to move again, we'll leave a note on 206's door.

We'll be talking about the issues behind the Cordoba Initiative, the so-called '9-11 Mosque,' and going out to dinner afterwords.

There will be cupcakes.  Delicious, delicious cupcakes.

Kevin Gorman
Students for a Nonreligious Ethos

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First meeting of the semester Hi all -

Our introductory meeting this year will be this Tuesday at 7 pm in 206 Dwinele or thereabouts. We haven't gotten a room reservation through yet, so if someone else is in 206 Dwinele we'll meet somewhere else nearby and will leave a sign at the door.

Kevin Gorman
Students for a Nonreligious Ethos


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