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January 19/22: First Meeting + PZ Myers!
Written by Nick Gwynne   

The British are coming, the British are coming!

No, wait, that's PZ Myers.


We're having our first meeting of the Semester Tuesday at 7PM. There is a NEW ROOM: 223 Dwinelle

What are we going to be doing? Regrouping, talking about our breaks (especially any christmas horror stories, of which at least I have one), and most importantly, making sure everybody knows who the hell PZ Myers is (He is an awesome blogger/Associate Professor of Biology)!

Make sure that you come to the NEW ROOM in 223 Dwinelle, and I hope we can make it a great semester together!


When is PZ actually going to be here, you ask? Why, this friday, January 22nd, to VLSB 2050 at 7PM. You can RSVP at the Facebook Page.

December 1: Psychics
Written by James Mitchell   

Berkeley Psychic Faire


This week we'll be discussing Psychics! Nick was going to lead the discussion today but phoned in sick with a fever.
Yunyun will be leading the discussion in his place.

We will head out to dinner afterward as always!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009, begins at 7:00 pm (Please arrive at 6:50)
Location : 225 Wheeler

November 17: Defending Darwin
Written by Nick Gwynne   

Darwin calls for us to defend evolution!


Ray Comfort has put out an introduction to On The Origin of Species which slanders Darwin's name and puts forth a bunch of tired old creationist arguments that have been debunked over and over again.

We are going to promote the truth about evolution in response to the distribution of these books, as well as just to celebrate Darwin's magnificent book.

Come join us to plan this wonderful event, sign up to hand out evolutionary materials, and get an evolution t-shirt! Bask in the glory of the resources we will be handing out, and just discuss general ideas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009, begins at 7:00 pm (Please arrive at 6:50)
Location : 225 Wheeler

Here are some helpful links to prepare for the day:



November 10: Tim on Christians
Written by Nick Gwynne   

picture of Tim in a tuxedo


There is no Tim but Tim and I am his Prophet! The wondrous second coming of Tim has arrived! There will be fantastic joy and kittens and rainbows! Also, there will be TIM!

And he's going to talk to us about why Christians might not be as irrational as we think they are. It should be a relatively short presentation, followed by a great deal of discussion!

Tim will declare things like: "The Universe is like Nuclear Weapons: It doesn't do enough damage."

[ editor's note: Part of the magic is that this actually made some sense in context. ]

And as his prophet, I might even and up moderating the discussion.
Tim will choose where we eat.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009, begins at 7:00 pm (Please arrive at 6:50)
Location : 225 Wheeler

November 3: Medicine
Written by Kevin Gorman   

medicine bottles


This week, we'll be talking about issues of rationality and skepticism in modern medicine.  I'll lead off with a brief presentation about supplementary, complementary, and alternative medicine (also known as SCAM.)

After a brief tangent in to why everyone should hate the great state of Oregon followed by a foray in to evidence-based medicine, universal health-care, and other issues of public policy, discussion will commence.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009, begins at 7:00 pm (Please arrive at 6:50)
Location : 225 Wheeler

October 27: The God Virus
Written by James Mitchell   

The God Virus

At this week's meeting we will focus on The God Virus by Darrel Ray. He is coming to speak to our club this Friday at 7pm in 220 Wheeler! Ursula will be giving a presentation on his book, followed by a discussion where we can come up with questions to ask him when he visits.

Additionally, there were anti-abortionists with graphic signs on Sproul today, so we'll try to slip in some discussion about that too. We may want to discuss how we can respond rapidly to religious rallies/protests in the future (specifically hyper-religious things, not necessarily anti-abortionist).

Also, Facebook revamped a lot of their site, so check out our group, it's much more useful now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009, begins at 7:00 pm (Please arrive at 6:50)
Location : 225 Wheeler


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