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Cal Day 2009!
Written by James Mitchell   

Berkeley has a reputation for being inSANE, so we decided to do something crazy for Cal Day.

Our Big Sign

(click for a full-size view)

We were one of the few clubs at the orientation with an obnoxiously large sign, so lots of parents and students slowed down to read it.

Everyone reading it was initially confused, and most put on their best "vaguely offended" face and looked away. In every big group there were at least a couple people who were laughing or smiling, and we gave them fliers :) (Perhaps you're reading this now! Thank you!)

So, to all you who fall in the categories: atheists, agnostics, secular students, sinners, boozers, girlie men, heathens, pot smokers, covetous money grubbers, blasphemers, homosexuals, the prideful, liars, jaywalkers, revelers, computer addicts, tim...

Don't fear hell! Join SANE!

April 21: Ask An Atheist
Written by James Mitchell   

Ask an Atheist Panel This Tuesday's meeting will be our Ask An Atheist panel. Four members of SANE have volunteered to share their perspectives and experiences as atheists by answering various questions about their disbelief and its effect on their lives. Afterward we will open up the floor to comments, discussion, and additional perspectives from audience members.

We will be inviting several religious groups on campus.

This is a great event for anyone that's curious about atheists and atheism, so invite your friends!
We had this event in October and had some very interesting things to talk about.

April 21, 2009
101 Wurster (Southeast corner of campus)
7:00 PM 

April 14: Pasta Party
Written by Nicholas Gwynne   

During our normal time, and in our normal location (I know, it's crazy), we're going to have a Pasta Party! FSM In Pasta We Trust

 Why are we having a Pasta Party? Do we really need a reason?

In Pasta We Trust. We hope to be touched by his Noodly Appendage. We just like eating pasta, okay? I hope you like eating pasta too. Come out for pasta-y good times, with discussion and pasta.

April 14, 2009
103 Genetics and Plant Biology
7:00 PM

April 1st: The Friendly Atheist
Written by James Mitchell   

Hello everyone! We have a special event this week, so our normal Tuesday meeting has been canceled.

Mehta, Hemant mug shotOn Wednesday we will be hosting Hemant Mehta!
Hemant is the author of "I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eyes," and he runs The Friendly Atheist weblog. His book describes his visits to a variety of Christian churches. These visits initially occurred as a result of an eBay auction Mehta created where he offered to visit the worship services of the winning bidder's choosing. The media later branded this auction as Mehta "selling his soul."

Hemant Mehta will talk about his reasons for being the friendly atheist and why being aggressive or militant and anti-religious isn't necessarily the best approach.

Location: Room 56, Barrows Hall
Time: April 1st at 7:00 PM

Free Will
Written by James Mitchell   

Thomas Hobbes This Tuesday we will be discussing free will with initial facilitation and insight from Nick Gwynne, a member of SANE and grad student in Psychology here at Berkeley.

Come and become a part of our discussion ranging over religion, philosophy, psychology and more!

March 17, 2009
103 Genetics and Plant Biology
7:00 PM

Dinner, Stand to Reason, and Friday the 13th
Written by James Mitchell   

There's no meeting this Tuesday but we're meeting up for dinner at Kabob and Karahi on Telegraph at 7PM. Hope to see some on you there!

On Thursday of this week we will be hosting Stand to Reason, a Christian apologetic group that teaches "clear thinking Christianity" to high schoolers. The format of the event will be presentations, question and answer, and then free discussion between group members. We had this event last year with interesting results. The event will be in 223 Dwinelle at 8PM.

For more about STR: www.str.org

Finally on Friday we will be having a Friday the 13th party. Don't miss out on superstition jeopardy, genital shrinking scare tag, baked goods, and other fun activities. Event will be in 259 Dwinelle at 7PM

Learn more about genital shrinking scares here.


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