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Austin Dacey Lecture Tonight @7pm!
Written by Haley Kovacs   

Hi All -

Austin Dacey will be speaking for us this Friday, at 7pm in 101 Morgan. Austin is a writer and human rights advocate who is also the United Nations representative for the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He's also the author of "The Secular Conscience," an incredibly fascinating book dealing with the proper role of conscience in political and moral discourse, as well as being the director of the Impossible Music Sessions. He'll be speaking about his work in his role of director of the Impossible Music Sessions, with a bit of blasphemy thrown in.

Afterward, we will be heading to La Val's for pizza and beverages. It should be very exciting, hope to see you there.

-Haley Kovacs

Meeting 10/5/10- Quiverfull and Christian Patriarchy
Written by Haley Kovacs   

Tomorrow's meeting will be at 7pm in 206 Dwinelle, and we will be discussing the Fundamentalist Christian movement called Quiverfull, which is a personal interest of mine. Quiverfull is not an organized sect of Christianity, but rather a group of doctrines that are Patriarchal, radically pro-life in that they forbid any kind of birth control or abortion. (even abstinence within marriage) The goal is literally to out-breed secular America by having as many children as they can. My main source for this is a blog written by Vyckie Garrison, a former Quiverfull mom who is now a divorced atheist with seven kids. Her website is www.nolongerquivering.com.

We will be going to dinner afterward at a yet to be determined restaurant.

Most importantly, there will be homemade delicious cupcakes.

-Haley Kovacs

Students Advocating a Nonreligious Ethos

The Cordoba Initiative
Written by Administrator   

This week's meeting will be on Tuesday, at 7pm, in 206 Dwinelle, or thereabouts.  Hopefully this will be our last meeting without a definite room; if we have to move again, we'll leave a note on 206's door.

We'll be talking about the issues behind the Cordoba Initiative, the so-called '9-11 Mosque,' and going out to dinner afterwords.

There will be cupcakes.  Delicious, delicious cupcakes.

Kevin Gorman
Students for a Nonreligious Ethos

First meeting of the semester
Written by Administrator   

Hi all -

Our introductory meeting this year will be this Tuesday at 7 pm in 206 Dwinele or thereabouts. We haven't gotten a room reservation through yet, so if someone else is in 206 Dwinele we'll meet somewhere else nearby and will leave a sign at the door.

Kevin Gorman
Students for a Nonreligious Ethos


April 9: What I Learned at Straight Camp Map
Written by James Mitchell   

Click here for the full map to 2050 VLSB!

April 6: Civil Discourse
Written by Laci Green/ Nick Gwynne   


It's practically a right of passage as an atheist to experience the blood pumping rage that talking with Christians about creationism can bring about. With blood pumping rage comes the undignified garbled sputtering demonstrated by the above picture. Despite this common experience, how we communicate often goes unaddressed in free thought communities.  Come join us Tuesday evening to talk about...talking!  Bring your own experiences and observations to share. Snacks will be provided. Come, relive the rage and experience the glory of still being civil.

Location: 223 Dwinelle
Time: 7:00PM Tuesday


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