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February 23: Secularism
Written by Kevin Gorman   



This Tuesday, I'll be talking about secularism and the modern secular movement (both student, and otherwise.)  I'll be talking briefly about the history of the current secular movement, including talking about the history of SANE, but the primary focus of my presentation will be the current state of the modern secular movement at the national and international level.

Although SANE is the only secular student group in Berkeley, we are far from the only secular student group around. The Secular Student Alliance - one of several secular metagroups focusing on students - has more than 190 affiliate groups, up from just 70 only three years ago. We are part of a rapidly growing transnational movement.   While it is clear that 'we' are gaining momentum rapidly, it is not yet precisely clear what 'we' are; the secular student movement lacks a coherent identity and a cogent purpose as of yet.  The future (assuming there is one) of the secular student movement and the secular movement as a whole will be determined by our generation.

It is, of course, important to note that what I say is my opinion and mine alone; not SANE's official opinion.  SANE has always chosen to remain apolitical as an organization in the past, recognizing that our group has incredible diversity of opinion on many issues.  The diversity of opinion present in the secular student movement represents an especially great challenge to organizing a coherent movement, but is one I believe can be overcome without compromising the integrity of our movement.


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